Cassandra Premium


If you want to shine and unfold an aura of elegant sex appeal around you, the Cassandra Premium set is just for you. 

he beautiful and classic dress which makes everyone say 'wow!' owing to its prefect combination of a black, transparent net with a black and gold lace. The body visible from underneath the net seems more mysterious, sensual and appealing. The big sleeves and long back look spectacular. The impressive black and gold lace strap in the waist area adds elegance and chic. The dress has lacing from  a shiny black tape on the front. Its lacing causes the neckline to present itself very erotically from between the material.  
assandra was finished off with an impressive black tape with a metallic shine on its entire perimeter, along the neckline and near the sleeves.

The Premium Set was expanded with a bra and thongs. 
The bra beautifully highlights the breast shape. This effect was achieved by the stiffening elements in the cups and the transparent and stable net. The upper part of the bra looks enchantingly and it is decorated with a black and gold lace. It is comfortable and easy to fit owing to the regulators on the straps and a 2-degree buckle at the back.
The impressive thongs which are part of the set in a sexy way highlight the roundness of the buttocks and give them an alluring character. The elegant details made of a black and gold lace are worth special attention. They create symmetrical patterns both on the front and back and visually connect to the bra visually. 

Colour: black
Available sizes: S,M,L, XL
The composition of underwear: 95% polyester, 5% elastane

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