EGZO MAD dildos


EGZOs are quality dildos which are designed to give true satisfaction, better mood and enhance health. Each intimate massager is packed in an individual "EGZOtic" box with a tilting lid, which piquantly conceals the product itself. In the line of EGZO there are 5 varieties of phallo-imitators, including a completely unique specimen "with a mustache". Brighter packaging. Brighter emotions. Brighter life!


EGZO MAD advantages:

  • Flawless quality

  • Feels like the real thing thanks to Cyberskin

  • Beautiful packaging

  • "Studded" dildo available in the EGZO line

  • Models are enhanced with a suction cup or a vibrating motor

  • All models include a storage bag


Taking care of your EGZO

Disinfect the product in 40-70% alcohol or chlorhexidine. After processing use Talcum. Please use the product with a condom. Otherwise you should disinfect it. We only suggest water and silicone based lubricants with EGZO. Do not use oil-based lubricants.