Huan's Sigar
3.00 EUR

Luxe Maxima Huan’s Sigar – Latex condom with dots and soft tendrils, which will stimulate the sensitive points of the vagina, giving a lot of pleasure. For a powerful additional stimulation and maximum satisfaction „Huans Sigar“ is the tool for you. 


Important instructions: Store the condoms at room temperature. Do not expose to direct sunlight or permanent high temperature. Do not put your condoms into the refrigerator – this will make them porous. These instructions are valid for all Secura branded condoms.


Use a new condom every time! Also take a new condom if due to incorrect application it does not roll off properly.


Do not use greasy creams or oils, such as baby oil, massage oil and suntan oil as well as Vaseline, body lotion, butter or margarine. These will damage the condom and make it porous and thus permeable. If you want to use a lubricant take only those being expressively recommended for use with condoms.Do not use condoms if you are allergic to latex. In case of doubt contact your doctor.


Important instructions for the condom LUXE Maxima: This product should never be used again, if either partner experiences raspiratory difficulty or blue lips following its use, or when female partner is suffering from vaginal inflammation or any other vaginal diseases. 

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