AndroBath is the new frontier of a technique for the well-being of your sexual life and it is especially designed to increase the size of your penis. We are aware of how important this challange is for most of us who wish to improve ourselves since there are so many of us who fall into this category. However, we can now undoubtedly announce that we have made an exceptional, effective and quality product.


Thanks to a special expansion procedure and to the reactive ability of the tissues to generate the profusion of cells through stimulation, it is now possible to increase the lenght and width of the penis.


AndroBath, as already mentioned, is based on the principle of expansion and does not have side effects. It is manufactured in Italy with high quality, durable, light and hypoallergenic materials.


AndroBath is a device that uses hot water to icrease the temperature of the penis tissues in order to make them more elastic. This way, the expansion that is transmitted from the device to the water can be exploited in an optimal way. In fact, a penis size increase can already be attained from the very first time it is used.


AndroBath is tested, safe and easy to use. It is inccredibly efficient and can be used in either the shower or bathtub.



1. Plunge in water in bathtub and relax for some minutes for warming and relaxing penis tissues.

2. Insert support inside the device, plunge AndroBath in water and insert flaccid penis.

3. Push the device towards your body several times until water exits from valve on top of the device.

4. At this stage, AndroBath returns the same elastic expansion power.

5. Water inside the device distributes expansive forces on the penis surface and blood starts filling corpus cavernosum penis as during penile erection.

6. While penile tissues expand, water reduces it's force. Push the device again for new expansion power. Push several times during a session.

7. Bellows' Expansion force has been perfectly calculated and tested for achieving the best result with minimum uneasiness.

8. If expansion force is extreme, slightly push the valve on the top of AndroBath for decreasing expansion force.

9. After 15-20 minutes of use, release expansion force by pushing the valve on top of AndroBath and remove the device.

10. For best results, we suggest 15-20 minute sessions daily or every 2 days.

11. Follow the same instructions for use in shower or as vacuum pump to reinstate lost erection.