NEW! La Palma

SpareParts HardWear™ has created the first ever hand harness, the La Palma™. This sexy and stylish

glove harness acts as a multifunctional accessory which can be used alone or with a partner, perfect

for women, men and couples.

Lightweight and comfortable with a near custom fit, the La Palma™ is ideal for a variety of uses. The

unique and stretchable O-ring in the middle of the La Palma™ means it can hold an assortment of

toys of different sizes and shapes securely and comfortably. You can change toys easily and the La

Palma™ ensures you have total control of your toy whatever the position!

A variety of toys can be used with the La Palma™; for example a curved dildo is ideal for hitting that

G-spot and provides a wider range of motion and for partner play, we recommend any flared based

toy. The flexible expandable O-ring means you can use different toys so the fun never has to end!

For small sized toys or dildos, you simply slide through the inside of the glove and close the snap

inside the glove which will keep it stable and secure. For larger toys, there’s a little trick that makes it

easier to slide the toy through the O-ring. Simply place a condom or small plastic bag (like a freezer

bag, taking care to remove the seal) over the toy leaving a small space at the base. By using a

lubricant, it will become easier to slide through the O-ring. Once in place, remove the small plastic


In addition, there are two small pockets at the top and the bottom of the O-ring designed to

accommodate a mini bullet vibrator. Two powerful mini bullet vibrators are also provided with your

La Palma™, each boasts four vibration patterns to choose from; creating a different and pleasurable

dimension to using the La Palma™. So you can use the La Palma™ with a dildo as a penetrative toy or

without a dildo as a massage glove.

The mini vibrators are easy to operate. For first use unscrew the cap and remove the paper tab from

the battery compartment; push the button to switch it on and off and to switch between modes. You

can also switch on and off the mini vibrator through the fabric, so you don’t have to interrupt play.

The La Palma™ is a versatile glove harness which provides truly unlimited pleasure in the palm of

your hand. It’s the perfect accessory to use alone or with a partner. It can also assist those who may

be experiencing erectile dysfunction, hand cramps from holding a dildo or limited mobility.

 Hand harness that can be used alone or with a partner

 Hand crafted and ethically manufactured

 Multi-functional accessory

 Stretchable O-ring that fits a variety of toys and dildos of different shapes and sizes

 Secure and stable hold of any dildo

 Two small pockets above and below the O-ring to accommodate mini bullet vibrators

 Can be used with or without a dildo

 Doubles as a vibrating massage glove

 Comfortable custom fit

 Easy to adjust

 Washable

 Can assist those with erectile dysfunction, hand cramps from holding a dildo or limited



 A stylish carry/ storage case

 Two waterproof mini bullet vibrators with multiple speeds and patterns

 Three Ringo™ grip bases and one Ringo™ foam pad

 1-year warranty

 Made with high quality nylon and neoprene

 Low profile Velcro and non-corrosive brass snaps

 Lightweight

 Travel friendly


 Wash before use

 Wash in cold water using soap or mild detergent

 Air or line dry

 For faster drying, place the product where there is good cross circulation

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