Our signature item, Toy Two, is perfect for couples looking to take finger play pleasure to new levels of arousal for deeper G-spot penetration and increased intimacy. At times, the addition of bells and whistles can become a diversion for intimacy; whereas a more simplistic approach encourages it as the wearer is given the ability to custom-navigate their partner’s experience.

Toy Two extends finger reach comfortably by 2 inches, and stays secure with a suction-like fit, while keeping the rest of the hand free for external stimulation. While other toys can fee synthetic, this supple, „second-skin“ material allows you to feel your partner’s internal temperature, muscle contraction and climax.

Toy Two covers the entirety of the fingers, providing a safe and hygienic advantage to finger play with stain-free maneuvering.

Crafted out of 100% medical-grade silicone, phthalate-free, non porous and waterproof.

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