Go Wild caress box
39.00 EUR

To explore each other’s bodies in every detail,

to turn each other on, and more.


- 1 titillating massage oil (30 ml)

- 1 excitement gel for women (10 ml)

- 2 intimate fragrance-free wipes

- 2 single doses of intimate moisturising lubricant

- 1 cherry-flavoured body pencil 

- 1 Heads or tails fantasies


Titillating massage oil

The light, non-oily texture does not stain clothing or sheets. To enhance relaxation, it is enriched with passion fruit, damiana, rosemary and sweet almond oils, spiced up with a dash of ginger extract for a delicious shiver.


Excitement gel for women

This gel acts right at the source of female excitement. Before, during and after. There’s nothing like a drop on the clitoris to whet desire in a peppermint shiver. Massage delicately to build up passion. And discover the unexplored regions of pleasure.


Intimate fragrance-free wipes

The intimate fragrance-free wipes are the must-have accessories for intimate lifestyles on the go. 

Enriched with the Exclusive YESforLOV complex, they offer daily hygiene, gentle care and comfort.


Naughty body messages, cherry flavour

To illuminate the chest and decorate the hips. A tactile conversation to write while completely bare. Before enlacing your bodies together.


Intimate moisturising lubricant

For one or the other, for one and the other, between both of you, your intimate moisturising lubricant optimises contact, comfort and pleasure, while maintaining the natural feel of your subtlest sensations.


Heads or tails fantasies

A two-Euro coin to reveal each other’s secret fantasies.


Made in France

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