NEW! Allover Lubricating Massage Gel 100 ml
29.00 EUR

Two naked bodies offered up, the massage is a delicious pretext, the lubricant a mad pique.

(… From the first approach to a hot one-on-one, without going back to square one.)


A handful of massage to become better acquainted and get the feel for one another. A dash of sinfully delightful scent, slightly sweet, irresistibly sensual. A pinch of lubricant, like the body’s second skin, ready and willing. A pinch of desire to spice things up… YESforLOV’s allover lubricating massage gel is a recipe, a mutual invitation between the two of you to experience each other, from the first shiver to the quake of ecstasy, like a cocktail at the pinnacle of privacy, to be consumed without moderation.


Gentle on your skin: tested under dermatological control / hypoallergenic* / paraben-free / allergen-free / no mineral oil.


*Formulated to minimise the risk of allergic reactions.


This lubricant is compatible with the use of condoms.



Your YESforLOV allover lubricating massage gel is a long-lasting, plumeria-scented, silicone-based gel that comes in a 100 ml bottle.

It is made in France. The gel is pH neutral meaning it can be applied anywhere on the body, even intimate parts. It is hypoallergenic and compatible with the use of latex and condoms (its perfect with your constant companion, the YESforLOV condom). Lastly, it might not easily be confused with a mere innocent beauty product, yet it will leave your skin soft and divinely silky.

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