NEW! Couples Elexir 30ml
34.00 EUR

YESforLOV has created the first lover’s cream dedicated to all couples which will jointly multiply female pleasure and male performance.


Enjoy a combined exquisite sensation of hot and cold effect. Slightly anesthetic for your male partner in order to increase control over sexual capacities. Refreshing sensations and tightening feelings for your female partner. A surprise effect to wake your male partner up at any time given. A soft and gentle warm-up effect for your female partner.


The elixir has a vasodilatory effect to swiftly mobilize all energy to achieve orgasm. Formulated to taste like wild strawberries with a touch of menthol.


Drip a small drop on the head of the penis, massage it in. Caress the lips and clitoris of your female partner.


Welcome the 30 ml airless flask into your bedroom, because what you call an orgasm, it will turn into a symphony.


YESforLOV Couples Elixir is compatible with condoms and sex toys

30 ml will last for around 30 nights full of love

Gynaecologist-tested: guaranteed hypoallergenic, no parabens, allergens, mineral oil or silicone.

Not recommended for pregnant women!

CE Conformity


Product made in France.



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