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A white box containing 10 black Cola-Flavoured Glyde Condoms. For lovers of Coca-Cola, these flavoured condoms from the Vegan and Fair Trade brand Glyde are ideal for you.

Cola-flavoured condoms are always a safe-bet if you’re looking for a sweet and familiar-tasting condom for oral sex. Flavoured condoms can also be used for both vaginal and anal sex, and Glyde’s premium standards ensure the highest quality birth-control and protection from sexually transmitted diseases and infections.

In the box you will find 10 flavoured condoms, tasting of rich cola. Every condom is made from the highest quality all-natural and chemical-free latex. They are a standard size and should fit most men . They are black in colour.

All Glyde condoms are made for premium comfort and performance from natural, chemical-free materials. Sustainably produced, Vegan & Fair Trade.

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