Shipping Rates & Returns

     1. Buyers terms and general conditions


1.1.    The terms in hand regulate the conditions of ordering and buying from the website, which is owned by Bioconcept Baltics OÜ (registration number: 11086967, KMKR: EE10086967, Located at Tartu mnt 24-14, Tallinn, Harju 10115, Estonia. E-mail: Stated as Seller from now on.). Buyer’s order shall be deemed a quotation Obligations Act (LOA) sense.

1.2. web-shop operates as an online store with no physical store to visit. Web store is open for business 24 hours a day.

1.3.    Seller’s operating currency is EUR.

1.4.    Seller keeps the right to change the prices of products solely. The prices will take effect immediately as they are displayed on the web page. If the buyer has placed an order before the price change, the price which was effective on the moment that the order was placed, will be valid.

1.4.1.If the Seller has made a mistake on the webpage concerning the information regarding products, the buyer should notify of them via and not take advantage of the situation. In case the price or quantity of the product has been input incorrectly, Seller may notify the buyer and refuse from finalizing the ordering process. Already made payments will be refunded.

1.5.    The items for sale are those available on the website and they are meant for adults.

1.6.    The product information, price and description has been added to every item.

1.7.    Before making an order, the buyer will have to agree to the terms and conditions and takes responsibility to respect the terms to their means.

1.8.    Buyers who do not agree to the set terms may not make an order.

1.9.    To make an order, the buyer will have to add an item (or items) to the shopping cart.

1.10.Once the client has picked out the items he/she wishes to buy, and has added them to the shopping cart, he/she should check the order, insert the coupon code (if there is one), choose the delivery options and checkout. After filling in correct personal data the buyer has to confirm that he/she has read the terms of ordering and accepts them. After confirming the order confirmation button will appear which will finalize the steps to make an order.

1.11.Ordering from our system books the items automatically and we will start preparing it as soon as possible.

  1.        Payment and delivery terms

2.1.    After confirming an order the buyer will receive an invoice on the provided e-mail address.

2.2.  When making the payment, it is very important that the invoice number is written in the comment section.

2.3.  Banking information:



REG. Nr: 10060701

IBAN: EE162200221026472792




Reg. Nr: 10004252

IBAN: EE211010220043483014

2.4.    Invoices should be paid within 7 days. After 7 days the order will be canceled.

2.5.    After a successful payment the items will be shipped out within 5 days.

2.6.    If by any chance there are not enough items in the warehouse by the time of order, the Seller will notify the buyer immediately and provides a possibility to order more.

2.7.    The buyer has the right to choose from the following delivery options:

2.7.1. Local Estonian Post (Omniva) Free

2.7.2. Local Estonian SMARTPost 2.50 € except for during campaign.

2.7.3. Finnish SMARTPost – 11€

2.7.4. Foreign countries, regular post – 10€

2.8.    Delivery fees shall be paid by buyer.

2.9.    Seller takes responsibility in successful delivery.

2.10.  The buyer will receive a confirmation e-mail once the items have been dispatched.

2.11.   The products will be sent in discreet packaging, the package is not see-through.

  1.        Quality and rights

3.1.    Seller is responsible for the information and quality of the items on the webpage.

3.2.    Buyer has the right to file a complaint about electronic devices within 1 year of purchase.

3.3.    Seller is not responsible for the damages and faults dealt by the buyer. Neither for misuse of the products.

3.4.    Buyer is obligated to report a fault within 14 days after finding any. This should be done via

3.5.    If a product does not meet the quality requirements or is faulty by factory, the buyer has the right to demand a new product of the same kind.

3.6.    Should the product be defected, return fees should be covered by the Seller.

  1.        Breaking the contract

4.1.    The buyer has the right to break the contract within 14 days after receiving the product.

4.2.    To break a contract, we kindly ask the buyer to notify of it via

4.3.    Notifying of backing from the contract should be done before the end of 14 days after the buyer has received the product.

4.4.    The buyer has to return the product in original packaging and no defects. The product should stay sealed. The right is immediately revoked after the package has been opened.

  1.        Results of backing from a contract

5.1.    If the buyer backs from a contract, all payments shall be returned by the Seller with the exception of delivery fees and any additional fee. This will be done within 14 days after receiving a notification about returning the product(s). Payments shall be made to the same account as they were made from. The Seller may refuse to refund the product before it has been returned.

5.2.    Delivery fees for returning the product should be covered by the buyer

5.3.    The buyer takes responsibility in returning the product in perfect shape with no faults.

5.4.    When replacing items from outside EU, the buyer shall pay the delivery to Gatorz and import charges.

  1.        Force Majeure

6.1.    Neither participant takes responsibility in Force Majeure events. Should any occur, the Seller will do it’s best to solve any issue as soon as possible.

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